8 String Tenor Guitar- Mandolin – Mandocello – Bouzouki

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8 String Tenor Guitar- Mandolin - Mandocello Electric Solid Body Tenor Guitar – SOARES’Y This is our 8 String burst set up for Tenor tuning Cc Gg DD AA – See other tunings below - General information. This is one of our new lines from Soares’y Guitars – Made in the USA - They are made from stock factory full size bodies in different styles and finishes, pickups and electronics are upgraded to a nicer quality mid line for a cleaner sounding tone as needed, bridges and neck mounts are modified as needed depending on the string set up, We are basically producing them in 4 and 8 string models for now, 4 string ones will basically be made as Tenor guitars, but can be re strung for others as well, Ukulele, Plectrum/Chicago, Mandolin, Bouzouki, And others as well, the 8 string ones will be made and set up as, 8 string Tenors or Octave Mandolins, but can also be restrung as other 8 string ones as listed above, As well as a Mandocello, while most of the restringing to change the tunings will be mostly painless, and in most cases nothing is needed, some may need just a little tweaking of the nut for Mandolin tuning do to slightly thicker strings, for a Mandocello a new nut will need to be made, unless the ad is for a Mandocello model, in that case the nut will be properly cut when it is made, See the listing below of different tunings and string sizes. Yes, we do make them in our shop, while some parts are pre made and there are limits as to what we can and cannot do, we are open to work with a buyer to make changes if we can, in some cases a small parts and labor fee may be added,


 As to the neck, while we are still producing our other line made from converted short scale 6 string guitars, this line has a whole new neck that was made custom to be a tenor neck, because we liked the strength and profile of the converted neck so much better than a standard tenor neck, and received wonderful feedback on them from our buyers, we kept the basic profile of that one and added a slight V to the back making it even stronger, and we also kept the deeper flat side profile on each side under the fingerboard that made the converted one a better neck, making it the strongest beefy neck you will find on any tenor, while still being very comfortable to play and hold, the top nut averages out at 1 ¼” – Making it easy to rap your hand around it and play, we made the necks from aged hard Canadian maple, that is air dried and aged for 3 years or more, this wood is so hard it is almost impossible to drill the holes for the tuners with a new sharp bit and not have it burn the sides of the hole. The fingerboards are made from- un dyed / un filled - rosewood from India, each one is hand selected not for its looks, but for its fine tight smooth grain, each one is silky smooth closed grain, not choppy with an open grain, each one is set up with nice nickel silver medium sized frets with a scale of 22 ¾” – each neck is set up with a 2 way adjustable truss rod. On the truss rod, we have found that many tenor necks made today have two basic problems, the first is that the necks are made to thin, we took care of this with the new profile, the other one is that the truss rods that is fitted at the head, have too much room to move, when made tight to bring the thin neck straight, the rod nut pushes back on the weak point of the neck box making it crack at the nut line. Oh by the way, our necks are also made from one piece of maple, no graft at the neck behind the nut or below it, no grafting on the wings of the head as well. Back to the rod, we use the fender style truss rod with the fitted hole at the head, this holds the head of the rod in place and stops it from bending back to crack the neck. This style is also stronger do to less wood being removed around the head. While most of our guitars are made in the Telecaster and Stratocaster style, we decided to go with a Gibson style head as it is more suited to our needs of making them into 4 or 8 string ones, it also helps to keep the neck from twisting this way as the tension is then split to each side, we then just drill them as needed for what we are making at that time, necks are set into a standard body cutout with shims on each side, we use a 5 bolt system under the plate to mount the neck, necks are set up with top and side dots to the 12th. Fret, with the 10th. Fret marked in place of the 9th. Yes we do make them in our shop, while some parts are made just one way, we can make some changed if you feel you need something different, Ask. We will see what we can do.


 As to our new Logo, while about half of our instruments are sold out of the US. Our largest local client base is out of Texas, yes the most popular tenor sold in Texas, comes from New York. But the guitars were built and designed with the help from the finest Banjo maker in Texas, I just do not know if Vincent Mandello of Banjo Heaven would mind if I used his name? So forget I sad that, but it is just too thank our Texas buyers, as the largest maker of Tenor and other short scale guitars in the US. Since 1992, Texas has always been one of our largest supporters long before we started this new logo. Infect our first logo that we used back in the 90’s did not go over well with our Texas buyers, it was a hillbilly playing a potbelly stove as a bass, it was not made to offend anyone, it was a cartoon that was made of me in my old bass days, once I explained this, they were kind of ok with it? Hope this will make up for the old one.


 Cases, All guitars come with a nice quality soft case included with the sale. Buyers may upgrade to better quality plywood case as an extra cost. If you wish to add a plywood case to your order please ask first, I will then give you the details.


All guitars are made to use standard ball end strings, 23” Scale Tuning and String sizes. Please note. We start with the high string to the low string. Tenor 4 String - A D G C - 10 - 15 - 24 - 35 Cello 4 String - A D G C - 20 - 30 - 50 - 70 Mandolin 4 String - E A D G - 14 - 20 - 32 - 47 Guitar 4 String - E B G D - 14 - 18 - 24 - 32 Plectrum 4 String - D B G C - 15 - 18 - 24 - 35 Bouzouki 4 String - D A D G - 15 - 20 - 32 - 47 Ukulele 4 String - A -E - C - G .010 - .013 -.016 - .011 Or .022 for Low G. Tenor 8 String - AA DD GG CC - 10/10 - 15/15 - 24/24 - 35/35 Mandolin 8 String - EE AA DD GG - 14/14 - 20/20 - 32/32 - 47/47 Guitar 8 String - EE BB GG DD - 14/14 - 18/18 - 24/24 - 32/32 Plectrum 8 String - DD BB GG CC - 15/15 18/18 24/24 35/35 Bouzouki 8 String - DD AA DD GG - 15/15 - 20/20 - 32/32 - 47/47 Octave Tenor 8 String - AA DD Gg Cc - 10/10 - 15/15 - 24/12 - 35/18 Octave Mandolin 8 String - EE AA Dd Gg - 14/14 - 20/20 - 32/15 - 47/24 Octave Guitar 8 String - EE BB Gg Dd - 14/14 - 18/18 - 24/12 - 32/15 Octave Plectrum 8 String - DD BB Gg Cc - 15/15 18/18 24/12 35/18 Octave Bouzouki 8 String - DD AA Dd Gg - 15/15 20/20 32/15 - 47/24






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